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Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC Inc.) is the designation and accreditation granting arm of CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network. The Institute has been involved in the professional development of system employees at all levels since 1972. But in 1991, a significant change occurred. Dalhousie University became our academic partner in the development of courses and national professional programs (see Accreditations and Designations below) that attest to employees' meeting standards of academic achievement in a variety of business areas.


The credit union-specific courses included in the programs are jointly developed by Dalhousie University and subject experts within the credit union system. This committee approach ensures that content is business relevant and meets a university standard, an important fact when you want to transfer credit to a university program.

Nationally Recognized

Credit unions across the country respect the rigour of the CUIC® course and program content. Consequently, many have incorporated them into position requirements. As a result, earning a CUIC-Dalhousie designation/accreditation gives you credibility, promotability and transferability -- to say nothing of a sense of pride in your accomplishment!

Accreditations and Designations

Dalhousie University LogoCredibility.  Promotability.  Portability.  That’s the value of nationally recognized professional designation and accreditation CUIC  programs.  These accreditations and designations, for both employees and board directors, are awarded jointly with our academic partner, Dalhousie University. Dalhousie ensures the academic quality of the courses that comprise our programs; credit union system experts ensure that the content meets the business needs of credit unions.

Currently, credit union employees can earn the following accreditations:  Graduates of the: Board directors can become an Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (ACCUD) by completing the CUDA® Program, writing a qualifying exam and meeting annual continuing education (CE) requirements. Today, everyone wants to see a mark of professionalism.  Give them one.  Register in the program that moves you in the direction that you want to go.