It’s a competitive world. You want to be in the game and have a fulfilling career — one that contributes to your personal sense of well-being, supports your members, and allows you to participant in building a strong business.

Learning For Enhanced Performance
CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network is about learning: acquiring, sharing, planning and tracking it. Our courses and information exchanges recognize different learning styles and needs. Some courses develop “generic” skills (project management, communication, change management, sales and service) while others focus on knowledge and skills directly related to financial services and, as with CUIC® and eClass courses, with credit unions specifically. Position-specific roadmaps (right-hand column below) help identify gaps and point to appropriate learning and environment, whether an online, paper-based, or classroom course, or a webinar. All of this to help you enhance your performance -- in your current job and in preparation for the next one.

Leveraging our Strength to Partner with the Best
While CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network works closely with experts to develop some of the content in our rich catalogue, we also look for opportunities to partner with respected companies. As the national learning organization, we leverage our purchasing power to get the best, from the best, then bring it to you, cost-effectively. To see a list of our partners, click here.

Employee Resources

Position Roadmaps
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 Administrative Professionals
Agricultural Lenders
Branch Managers
Business Lenders
Call Centre Representatives
Human Resources (HR)
Information Technology (IT)
Member Service
Personal Lenders

Position Roadmaps & Workbooks     
The links on the right will take you to specific position-related webpages that outline suggested learning paths. They are a great place to start your CUSOURCE training! Downloadable PDF workbooks are available to help you track and customize to your needs.

Lenders - Tools and Resources

In addition to the specialized position roadmaps, there is a dedicated webpage for lenders and those who manage lending teams, to help you navigate the road to success. It includes a link to the Lending Curriculum, information on the Personal Lending Assessment, and more. Click here to visit the page.

Compliance & Risk Management
Today, it is crucial that all credit union employees have access to tools and techniques to protect your credit union and your members. For compliance and risk management training, click here.

Employee Accreditation
Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC Inc.) is the designation and accreditation granting arm of CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network. Credit unions across the country respect the rigour of the CUIC course and program content. Consequently, many have incorporated them into position requirements. As a result, earning a joint CUIC - Dalhousie University designation or accreditation gives you credibility, promotability and transferability -- to say nothing of a sense of pride in your accomplishment! Learn more

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